Within only one day KMA students completed the fundraising for the award in memory of professors T. Balabushevich and M. Kirsenko.


On February 14, students of the KMA History Department held a fundraising for an award for students of the bachelor's degree that would serve as an honor of professors Tetiana Balabushevich and Mykhailo Kirsenko. Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of Ukraine provided the platform for the fundraising, the website. This is not the first time the Foundation has supported student initiatives through its website or other tools: in November 2023, the volunteer organization KMA Help cooperated with the Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation to develop its work. Since then, KMA Help can accept charitable contributions through the official bank account of the Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation on Monobank. 


The fundraising for the award in memory of professors T. Balabushevich and M. Kirsenko was completed in the evening of the same day it was opened, February 14.


This year the goal of the fundraiser was to raise 20,000 UAH to establish an award in memory of professors, whose work became the foundation of the department and played a significant role in the professional lives of many of the KMA graduates. As the founder and first head of the KMA Department of History, Mykhailo Kirsenko developed its concept and 11 study programs for it. Together with Tetyana Balabushevych, they pioneered the comparative history of civilizations in Ukraine, as well as in-depth studies of Central and Eastern Europe.


We believe that the award will not only honor the remarkable legacy of the professors Tetiana Balabushevych and Mykhailo Kirsenko, who founded the KMA Department of History, but also support the academic talent of young historians. This award will recognize students for their research efforts and motivate them to continue their academic career at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. 


You can learn more about this fundraising and the establishment of the award by following this link: https://charity.ukma.edu.ua/projects/4 


The fundraising was completed so quickly thanks to a large number of contributions we have received from our donors. We are extremely grateful to Darina Podgornova, Maxim Snigir, Vasyl Sych, Kateryna Pasichnyk, Serhiy Nazarenko, Svitlana Dovhan, Valeriy Hryhorash, Andriy Kolesnyk, Oleksandra Votsko, Liubov Halan, and also to everyone who contributed anonymously.


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