Fellowship is an effective investment in the development of dozens of students. We support the best educators and motivate others to grow.


By supporting KMA faculty and students you become:

👉 A visionary investing in the long-term development of Ukraine.

👉 A part of the successes of students and the changes they make. 

👉 An example to follow.

👉 A friend of the Kyiv-Mohyla Community, and a part of it.

One-time contribution

One-time contribution

Named scholarship

Continuing support

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Every faculty member who receives a fellowship must have an overall performance rating of 360. This rating includes feedback from colleagues, students, supervisors, and achievements in scientific work.

Depending on the type of fellowship, it can be awarded to a faculty member who has been working at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy for a long time and has achieved significant academic accomplishments, or to a young faculty member who is just starting their career but already demonstrated dedication to academic work.

By making a one-time contribution to the general scholarship fund, you can support faculty members with any amount that is convenient for you. The fund will function as a basket, from which all collected funds will be accumulated into fellowships.

While filling out the form for your charitable donation, you can provide us with your email address. We will add you to our mailing list so that you can receive regular updates about faculty members who receive fellowships from the general fellowship fund, their academic achievements, and community activities.


If you establish a named fellowship, you can decide which one of the two available types to support. We will ask you to fill out a brief form so that we can contact you and discuss all the details (you can review these types and fill out the form HERE).

A faculty member who receives a fellowship is obligated to receive a high rating from colleagues, students, and achievements in scientific work. 

If a faculty member fails to demonstrate the results specified by the fellowship criteria throughout the year, the university reserves the right to select another faculty member through a competition.

Regarding the named fellowships:

- Inform about the faculty member who receives the fellowship;
- Establish a bridge of communication between founders and the faculty members;
- Report on the achievements of the faculty member;
- Honor and inform about you as a founder who contributes to the growth of our faculty members;

Regarding the one-time contribution to the fellowship fund:

Provide information about the faculty members who have received fellowships
from this fund.

from 1.01.2024 to 31.12.2024

In case the project, donation or help is not implemented, all funds that were contributed will be directed to one of the fund's strategic goals (https://charity.ukma.edu.ua/materials/2) or used to cover other needs of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (if there will be an appeal from KMA president and the agreement of the Foundation's Supervisory Board). In such cases, we will inform all benefactors by email letter sent to the addresses, collected from the donation form on the website (https://charity.ukma.edu.ua/scholarships/scholarships).

1. A benefactor who makes a charitable contribution to a definite project agrees that in case the project deadline has coincided or the amount required to complete the project has not been collected, the funds will be redirected to other projects of the fund. Such redirection will be carried out only under the condition of the decision of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation. If this happens, we will inform all benefactors about the Supervisory Board's decision by email letter sent to the addresses, collected from the donation form on the website (https://charity.ukma.edu.ua/scholarships/scholarships).

2. A benefactor who makes a charitable contribution to a definite project agrees that the charitable contribution is non-refundable.