Greetings to scholarship recipients!


The first scholarships from the Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of Ukraine were awarded to its recipients. We're grateful to our donors for their support (you can view their stories in the previous material) and to 35 motivated students, among whom we've chosen six excellent recipients of the scholarship. Each student's story is unique, inspiring and valuable. There are no doubts about this while reading facts from the biographies of our scholarship recipients.

The Myroslav Basarab Scholarship recipient 

Dariia Tymoshchuk

A first-year student in the Ukrainian Philology program is a philologist by vocation. She owns an award from the Business English Language project and is a member of two KMA student organizations.

«Sometimes I feel like it's not me who chose philology, but rather philology chose me. I truly adore the Ukrainian language and literature, and I want to study, explore, and popularize it. That's why I chose the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy; for its students’ community, which supports all your ideas and, if needed, provides help; for its high-quality education, in which I had no doubts».

The Julia Matoshchuk Scholarship recipient

Sofia Chudik

A second-year student in the Law program. She comes from a family with a tradition of studying law. She also has an interest in studying legal foreign language; completed the certified philological course «Legal English», which was developed in collaboration between the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Legal Lingua. Currently, she works with a student from Loyola University Chicago in the «Peer to Peer English Legal Writing Workshop» project.

«I really dreamt of legal education and studying at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy since my childhood. For me, it's an opportunity to be among like-minded individuals, and to grow professionally and personally in a proactive community».


The Boychuk Family recipients 

Valeriy Viter

A second-year student in the Sociology program, project manager, web designer, and participant in IT startups and two student organizations.  

«Receiving this scholarship will help me take on greater responsibility for my education and future. It serves as an additional motivation for me to achieve high results throughout my studies. I also plan to take a more active role in university life, particularly in research projects, volunteering, and developing leadership skills. This opportunity is an investment in my future, which undoubtedly will benefit both the university and society».


Oksana Bohdanets

A second-year student in the Social work program. She works at the «Nezabutni» fund, and participates in organizing events for International Healthcare Week and other charitable events for people in difficult life circumstances. She also volunteers at a summer camp for children affected by the war.

«Helping people was the primary criterion in choosing my future profession. I dreamt of this since childhood, so after a detailed analysis of the activities of social workers and reviewing the educational program, I realized that I wanted to intertwine my life with this. The opportunity to receive a scholarship will give me more motivation for learning, self-development, and contributing to the Kyiv-Mohyla community. The Academy opens up more and more opportunities for its students, and I believe that this is what makes it particularly different from all other universities».


Marta Myzak
A second-year student in the Sociology program, a member of the Plast National Scout Organization of Ukraine, an English language tutor, volunteer and a participant of the KMA Speaking Club «Mohylingo».

«For me, KMA is not just a place to acquire quality and necessary knowledge, but also a set of values that align perfectly with my own. It's a community where I grow both as an individual and as an active citizen contributing to the development of our society».


Kateryna Shvedchykova 

A third-year student in the Chemistry program, who also studies the Japanese language and explores her family story from the XVII century (which includes KMA alumni).

«Entering Kyiv-Mohyla Academy was challenging, but from the very beginning of my university days, I was overwhelmed by sincere emotions of happiness, pride, and an incredible curiosity. This curiosity transformed into a strong desire to grow, explore, and drive change in my own professional field».


We take pride in our students and believe that Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is the right place for developing knowledge; it is a place for a community of individuals who want to change Ukraine and the world for the better. We see that such support is important to them and serves as one of the catalysts for their growth. If you want to contribute to the changes within the proactive community of KMA students and establish a named scholarship, details can be found in this material.


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