The restoration works of the faсade of the Old Academic Building have been completed


The restoration works of the facade of the Old Academic Building, a project that began in 2021, have been completed. The implementation of this project became possible thanks to the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and the U.S. Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation. Additionally, part of the work was funded by the Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America under the administrative support of the Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of Ukraine.

The main task lied in the preservation and restoration of the facade structure, which is critically important for preventing the building's destruction. The restoration process started in 2017 at the state’s expense. Until 2021, there were completed such works: internal engineering networks adjustment, windows installation, comprehensive interior work, and roof and floor repairs. Since 2021, the restoration process has been focused on the building’s facade. The next important stage of the restoration is the completion of the internal engineering networks and interior design.

The Old Academic Building is an educational building of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, a monument of national significance in Ukraine, which was established by Hetman Ivan Mazepa in 1703-1704. Today, it is the oldest building in Ukraine, which was specifically designed and built as a university educational facility and is continuing to function for the same purpose. 


After restoration, the Old Academic Building will become a modern space for education and research, with a research library storing a collection of rare editions and archives.

You can also help to preserve this architectural monument of Ukraine and continue its life as a modern academic space. If you want to donate to the restoration of the Old Academic Building, visit the support page on the website, choose a convenient payment method, and specify the purpose of the contribution as "For the restoration of the Old Academic Building."

*This project was supported by the American people, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, and the U.S. Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation.

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