Scholarships are the simplest form of support for Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and its community.

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Fellowships are an investment in the growth of the proactive community of students and alumni.

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Our mission in Ukraine

Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of Ukraine is a nonprofit charitable organization with the primary goal of supporting the development of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and its community by engaging business enterprises, alumni private donors and public fundraising campaigns, and Ukrainian and international partners.

Together with the university, the Foundation has set its three main strategic goals:

1. Encourage, engage, and retain the best students and faculty members;

2. Begin the process of campus development following the vision of the KMA community;

3. Shaping an ecosystem of support for KMA: cooperation with Foundations in the USA and Canada, as well as with other institutions.

The Foundation was established by members of the Supervisory Board, graduates, staff, and the Alumni Association of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Our vision is to provide a high-quality and competitive edge within the global academic community education at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.