Types of scholarships

Named scholarship is a significant support for the best faculty members. Establishing a named scholarship means providing a continuing support to faculty members for a minimum of 2 years.


By supporting KMA faculty and students you become:

👉 A visionary investing in the long-term development of Ukraine.

👉 A part of the successes of students and the changes they make. 

👉 An example to follow.

👉 A friend of the Kyiv-Mohyla Community, and a part of it.


Fellowships for faculty members who have achieved exceptional success in their professional activity.


$ 2000

Our commitments

Regarding the named fellowships:

  • Inform about faculty members who have received the named fellowships.
  • Establish communication between founders and faculty members.
  • Inform about academic achievements of the fellowship recipients.
  • Honour and inform about founders who contributed to the growth of KMA faculty.

Regarding the one-time contribution to the fellowship fund:

  • Inform about academic achievements of the faculty members who have received fellowships from this fund.